She Glows on the Bima!

Tracey has both an ethereal and commanding quality when sharing her liturgical music. She can position a shabbat service as a sea of calm all the while building up to a majestic crescendo! She is transformative, and her cantorial skills bring tremendous depth to all services. But frankly it is her personal warmth and empathy that make her a fine spiritual leader, one who can relate to both young and not-so-young. Tracey’s light shines from within, and she glows on the Bima whether in song or sermon!

– Joan Katz

A Cantor, An Angel, A Friend

Tracey Scher is a cantor, an angel, a friend. I have experienced some of my most moving religious experiences because of Cantor Scher. The combination of listening to Tracey’s amazing voice and watching her warm, beautiful smile is enchanting. When Tracey is leading us in worship, you feel like she is allowing you into her wonderful soul. She is my Cantor….my religious mentor….no matter how far the distance between us geographically. When my daughter got engaged, there was only one clergy person I wanted to marry her and her fiancé….Cantor Tracey Scher.

– Ellen Tucker


Last night’s service was one of the most moving and satisfying ever. The music was superb. Thank you!

– TRS congregant

Healing Voice

Once again, your angelic voice sent me to a place beyond myself. I was transported to a healing place where I felt peace. I thank you again for your gift of music and voice

– TRS congregant

Truly Gifted

Cantor Tracey Scher is truly a gifted individual in so many ways. She reaches our congregation through song and prayer with a voice that is unmatched. Her musical talents, though great, are not her only defining characteristic.

Cantor Scher encourages a warm and welcoming community with our synagogue in both words and actions, creating the Shalom Corps and encouraging members to step up to it, and engaging individuals with her warm personality. What better endorsement for Cantor Scher than to ask her to conduct our wedding – which was both beautiful and meaningful thanks to her advice and counsel.

– Bruce Barishman